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Part of the Wii's cool factor comes from its ability to play old school games via its virtual console and now thanks to the guys at 1Up, we have a first look at Nintendo's line up. Games will be bought using Wii points, with NES games going for 500 points and SNES games (all two of them) going for 800. Nintendo plans on releasing 10 new games each month, but has announced the first batch for the remainder of the year. We're disappointed that the list doesn't include more SNES games (nor is there any Castlevania or MegaMan). Click ahead for a few of the titles.

Mario Bros.
The Legend of Zelda
Donkey Kong


Sonic the Hedgehod
Altered Beast
Toe Jam & Earl

Head to 1Up for the rest.
Wii Virtual Console Lineup Unveiled [via 1Up]