Nintendo Pedometer: Walking Is Now in Shortage

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Spotted in the OAMI (European trademark registry), this Nintendo-branded pedometer will most probably become an official piece of must-have Nintendo gear soon. Lacking any external screen, there's no indication whether it will sync with the DS or the Wii (like for Wii Fit or something), but we're assuming Nintendo has some decent software integration in mind for the device, since third parties have otherwise struck first in this niche. [OAMI via Kotaku]

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Here is a photo of the pedometer that comes bundled with My Weight Loss Coach for DS: [] This is relatively new, and already it looks outdated. C'est la vie for the DS user, though. The application itself, though, is awesome.

This new gadget's design looks a little too fresh to be for use with the DS, so my guess is that this will be for use with the Wii and not DS. But who knows, it could ultimately be cross-compatible (doubtful, but it would be awesome).