Nintendo Preparing New Console While Counting 992 Million Dollars

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Nintendo engineers are busily preparing new hardware, while trying not to break the concentration of Mario-in-Chief Satoru Iwata while he counts the $3.9 billion in sales and $992 million in profits they have made this quarter. "We are always preparing for the next hardware. We are under development," he declared. However, according to Chris Morris, he warned fans not to expect too much:

Every hardware needs some revolutionary features. This time around, it happened to be we had a revolutionary user interface. Will it be the same for the next generation? I really can't tell. It's natural for the current customer to expect Nintendo is going to once again do something different. If the people are expecting so many different things from Nintendo, it's going to be difficult for us to go beyond that expectation again.

So there you have it: no brain interfaces, no holodecks, no Matrix. But as Microsoft and Sony's game divisions keep bleeding money, I'm sure Iwata is not giving a damn about the future, four or six years from now, when new generation consoles are expected to hit the market. [Kotaku and Forbes]