Nintendo Recalls Deadly Blogger-Hanging TV-Set-Exploding Wiimote Straps

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Nintendo responded to butter-fingered whiners who've somehow managed let go of their Wiimotes, resulting in exploding TV sets, broken windows and blackened eyes. Heck, some bloggers (pictured at right) have even managed to get choked by the things. The company is offering to replace any straps, broken or not, for free, and each new Wiimote shipped with the Wii console now has an enhanced strap that won't break so easily.

Take a look at a comparison of the old and new straps, and find out how to get a new one:


The company asks you to take a look at the picture above and figure out whether you have one of the newer versions of the strap on your controller. If you have that slightly thinner original version, fill out this form and Nintendo says it will start shipping replacement straps on December 21. Our advice: just keep the damn thing in your hand. Idea: wash that lube off before you start playing Zelda.


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