Nintendo Revolution Launch Date Hinted

Last week we got a tidbit from the Nintendo Revolution crew announcing that the console will be launched simultaneously around the world (as opposed to the Xbox 360 which will launch Nov 22 in the US, Dec 2 in Europe and Dec 10 in Japan). Now, from an interview with Nintendo Europe Director of Marketing Jim Merrick, on Spanish website MeriStation (thanks Gamespot for the translation), we're also getting an idea of when the Revolution will actually ship. It was first pointed out that when they say "simultaneously," they really mean "stretched out over a maximum of 14 weeks."

"What we can guarantee is that the Revolution will be sent in the same four-month period anywhere in the world," said Merrick. He did not discuss which region would be Revolutionized first, but history leans toward Japan, where Nintendo's popularity remains high and previous console launches began.


So in terms of dates, it's already been said that the new console won't go on sale until the end of Nintendo's fiscal year in 2006 (ending March 31), so using logic, the US may (earliest) have it by tax day, but could possibly be waiting until early 2007. And don't expect any screen shots to be released early. Looks like we won't see hide nor hair of games until next year.

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