Nintendo Sues Piracy-Enabling R4 Cart, R4 Sales Predictably Skyrocket

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Yesterday, Kotaku reported on Nintendo and 54 software makers filing an injunction to stop the sales of the R4 and similar devices in Japan. For the uninitiated, the R4 allows you to download DS games online and play them on your DS. Yes, DS piracy. And now said piracy is threatened! So what does that mean? R4 sales are through the roof. Hell, even I bought one yesterday.

The R4 is sold all over the place in Akihabara, the nerd district of Tokyo, and the employees at stores there have already noticed an uptick in sales.

The rush in demand has been amazing. These devices always sell well. But this weekend should be staggering, don't you think?


Yes, I do think. So if you're on the fence about getting one or just discovered their existence thanks to this lawsuit, now seems like a pretty good time to jump on board. For, uh, homebrew games only, of course. [Kotaku]

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wow, nintendo doesn't learn. they need to spend their time and money making a system more difficult to "hack" then waste it going after these guys. same goes for the wii. this publicity will only increase the piracy. i myself have an r4, and have for over a year now. In addition to have, I have an m3. There's also the d5 and numerous other clones. so maybe they can get the r4 stopped, but what about all the others that do the same thing but cost less? i've bought more than a dozen of these things for friends and family, though i recommend the m3real these days since it supports sdhc (r4 is limited to 2gbs) and comes with a rumble pack. anyone interested can get either of these for under $30 from dealextreme (i'm not associated with them, but just passing on a good thing). shipping is free, but it takes like 3 weeks to get anything from them.