No Man's Sky's Spaceship Looks Gorgeous As This Fan-Made Model

No Man's Sky may not be out for a while, but the upcoming sci-fi exploration game has certainly gotten a lot of people excited - including Twitter fan Toykyo Joe, who made this brilliant model of the game's spaceship as a gift for Game makers Hello Games.

As you can see from the game screenshot below, Joe's model is not just incredibly detailed but also pretty much spot on - kind of crazy, given how little footage there is of the ship out there so far:


It's a cool spaceship design anyway, and translates well into a model - but it's also amazing to see the dedication of fans willing to make such cool things like this - even for stuff that isn't even out yet! Here's another shot of Joe's model from the back that he sent to No Man's Sky's developers on Twitter - showing off the lights integrated into the ship's engines:

Damn impressive stuff. Nice work, Joe!


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