No Motion Controller For Xbox 360

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Bill "Big Guns" Gates told MTV that he's not impressed with motion-sensing controllers, and didn't think they would make it into the mainstream.

"There's room for innovation here, but moving that controller around — it's something that's not mainstream for most games," he said. He recalled a Microsoft-made controller from several years ago that allowed 3-D movement. "It's tough because sometimes you move the controller, and you don't [mean] to fly into the ground. You just want to put the controller down," he said. "People aren't that good at totally standing still. Even pilots actually sit in a chair when they do their flying. So there's a lot to be learned about these controllers."

We definitely agree with him when it comes to Sony's implementation—a motion sensor tacked onto a standard console controller. But with the Nintendo Wii, the motion sensing is the game. There's going to be no forgetting about where the controller is, or how the motion is going to affect what you're doing. If Nintendo does their job correctly, the controller is going to feel so natural you won't be thinking about how to move around to perform actions, you'll just do it.

On the other hand, gesture recognition could come the way of the Microsoft console through the Xbox 360 camera. That will be something to look forward to.


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