It's impossible to improve the gameplay of classic board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, or even Yahtzee. So how do you go about convincing people to buy more copies of a game that stays playable for decades? You re-brand it. Monopoly is already available in about a thousand different flavors, and now it's time for Yahtzee to get upgraded as a glowing, flashing flux capacitor.


Yahtzee's Back to the Future facelift comes courtesy of USAopoly who has turned re-branding popular board games into an entire industry. But does the flux capacitor change the gameplay in any way? Not at all. It's just a fancy box you use to shake up the dice before pouring them out on a table. Superfluous? Maybe, if Back to the Future wasn't such an awesome film and everyone didn't want a time-traveling DeLorean of their own. [USAopoly]

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