No, the iWatch Isn't Definitely Coming This Year

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There are headlines this morning, in abundance, that an Apple iWatch will be coming in 2013. They are declarative. They are definitive. They are wrong. The iWatch might be coming this year, or might come in 2015, or it might not come at all. And nothing in this Bloomberg report changes that.


Here's what Bloomberg said this morning about the wearable Apple prototype that we've all decided to call the iWatch:

Apple seeks to introduce the device as soon as this year, this person said.

And here are a couple of the headlines you might have seen:

Can you spot the difference?

As any failed politician knows all too well, seeking to do something is very often disrupted by the realities of being able to actually do said thing. Of course Apple is seeking to release an iWatch this year; it's already ceded too much ground to Nike and Fitbit and Pebble for comfort. Financially it makes all the sense in the world for Apple to release an iWatch in the next nine months. Or, you know, two weeks ago.


That doesn't change the fact that the technology may or may not be in place, to say nothing of the complex manufacturing processes required to bring a wearable iOS device to the market on a large enough scale.


Could the iWatch come in the next nine months? Sure. But that's no more true today than it was before Bloomberg's report. So let's not seek knowledge where there's only hope. [Bloomberg]



I believe this will be a big hit.

Many predicted the iPad would be a niche product too.

It needs to have a lot of features (iPhone connectivity being the biggest), and lots of sensors (health oriented), and be stylish without being too geeky (I'm looking at you Google Glass).

Also a price point between $249-349 would be about right.

I expect high margins on this as well. Much higher than an HDTV.

(I do think an Apple TV pico projector makes more sense than HDTV BTW)