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No, The Man Tested for Ebola in NYC Does Not Have Ebola

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The CDC has now officially confirmed that the man in New York who, as of Monday, maybe (but almost certainly not) had Ebola definitely does not have Ebola. While the mention of even a Ebola test set off scary, screaming headlines all over New York, there would be no reason to freak out even if he had tested positive.

Last week, as two patients with Ebola were transported to Atlanta, we explained why Ebola will not spread in the U.S. We also took a closer took at the technology in isolation wards, which go above and beyond protecting against Ebola.


But you only really need to know one thing to avoid Ebola: Don't go slathering yourself in the blood and feces of sick people. Got it? Good.

Top image: Ebola virus. CDC