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No Xbox 360 for You

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What's the point of bringing the Xbox 360 out early if nobody can get their hands on it? Not much, if you ask me. And many gaming geeks may feel the same way once they realize that the 360 may not be available again until the spring. Things don't look good for Big Bill on this front. The buzz was that Microsoft was to have shipped as many as 3 million boxes by the end of next month, but instead, we've been told that there were only 1 million shipped by the end of last year.

"We are making them as fast as we possibly can, and we do expect over the next three to four months that availability will get a lot better," Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said. "The challenge we had - and we're not the first to have this - is the demand far exceeded supply."


Yeah, we dig, but don't be such a TEASE. If this keeps up, many folks are just going to wait for the PS3 with Blu-ray and forget about the 360. So let's get the party started, ok Microsoft?

Xbox likely to stay scarce into spring [Yahoo}

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