I've seen novelty cufflinks with all kinds of absurd functionality before, but for the life of me I can't figure out who would ever actually need the ability to create a wireless hotspot while wearing a fancy suit or tuxedo.

At a wedding? A funeral? While being knighted? Even an impeccably dressed secret agent would most certainly have their own custom tools for the job, and those who might find them handy—like IT professionals—probably don't dress with the need for cufflinks.


And while one of the cufflinks can be connected to an online computer to create a wi-fi hotspot, the other one is nothing more than a 2GB flash drive that isn't even wireless. Were you able to wirelessly send files to the other cufflink while wearing it, I could maybe see a justification for their $300 price tag. But you can't, so I just don't get it. [Firebox via 7Gadgets]