Unless you've managed to parlay your Christmas gift wrapping service into a year-round business, there's really no way to justify spending $200 on this unnecessary office accessory that can automatically measure and cut a pre-determined length of cellophone tape.

The T-EM50 dispenser from Kokuyo S&T features a tiny LCD display and a small set of buttons that let you specify a length of tape in 1 millimeter increments. On one hand it does theoretically let you maximize how long a roll of tape will last by cutting down on waste. But on the other, the 'savings' from such precision will take years to add up, and may never justify the cost of the $200 contraption. And the worst part is that it can still be used manually, so most of the time you'll probably be in a rush and will just yank out a random length anyways, completely negating whatever benefits this had to offer. [Kaden Watch via Newlaunches]