Nokia 3G Phone—for the US!

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News from Nokia is the 6282, a slider 3G phone made—GASP—for the US market! Based on a phone of the same name for Europe and Asia, it also supports WCDMA 1900 and GSM 850 networks which should be online in our mighty country by early next year. So, as well as enabling all 3G services, you'll also get a 2.2-inch display, 1 megapixel camera (which really doesn't make much sense, but ok), FM radio, digital music player with hot-swappable miniSD card support and Bluetooth technology. So what does 3G mean to you? Right now, imagine things like streaming multimedia audio and video content and the rapid upload and download of large files—including downloadable games and video, MP3 or AAC ringtones, or over-the-air synchronization of calendar, contact and to-do information using the built-in SyncML client. Oddly enough, there's no price as of yet. Maybe they're waiting for the network to actually run first.


Nokia 6282: High-speed UMTS performance for 3G customers in the Americas [Nokia]

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