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So the much-desired Nokia 6682 went live this week, with Cingular selling it for about $299 for a two-year contract. But then we got news that if you go to product page directly, you can buy the phone for as low as $99 if you agree to a two-year $39-a-month contract with Cingular. We did some "investigative journalism" (which really entails us just entering our zip code and seeing what offer pops up) and we ended up getting the $149 offer with the following price breakdown:

Price With Plan $249.99
$50 instant discount w/$39+ plans! -$50.00
$50 instant discount w/$39+ plans on 2 yr. agreement! -$50.00
Free earbud hands-free kit FREE
Shipping FREE
Price Today: only $149.99


We're not too sure if different zip codes have different offers, but that's the one we got. So if you're already paying more than $40 a month for your cellphone bill (and odds are you are) this sounds like a pretty sweet deal if you've been drooling after the 6682. Better go grab it before they decide to yank it down.

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