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Nokia E72 Featured In 'Leaked' Promotional Video

Illustration for article titled Nokia E72 Featured In Leaked Promotional Video

The capable Nokia E71x, not exactly an old phone even by the fast paced renewal process that's inherent in the tech industry, is about to get usurped by the business-class E72, seen here getting handled in a promotional video. Updated.


Coolest takeaway? Probably the inclusion of an optical mouse instead of the clickable one found in the similar models.


As is the case with promotional videos, availability and pricing are not present.

Update: The video is now private, so here's a screen grab I took earlier in the event the YouTube user made his previously public video private.

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Even the least astute observer would notice how there is not a 1-1 correlation between the guy in the video typing on his Nokia and the text appearing on his screen. Hilarious. I just don't see how phones like this have any chance of future survival when I can type faster on my iPhone than he can on his Nokia E72. And this is just a first gen iPhone. Can't imagine how many more nails the iPhone 3G S will hammer into these other phones coffins.