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Nokia Gets Busted Showing Off N900 SNES Emulator

Illustration for article titled Nokia Gets Busted Showing Off N900 SNES Emulator

Alright, Nokia. We know you've ben hurting since N-Gage passed away, but apparently in your despair you forgot that Nintendo wouldn't take kindly to a promo video featuring emulated SNES games. Oops!


The video has since been pulled from Youtube, but the screen grab above shows how Nokia went out of their way to demonstrate how well SNES emulators run on the N900. The rub here isn't the emulator itself; as Nintendo Life points out, Android features a bunch of emulators in its app catalog. As long as those emulators don't come with ROMs, everything is peachy.


The problem was that Nokia actually showed video of Super Mario World and Super Ghouls and Ghosts running within that emulator. They even acknowledged that "some emulators require separate ROM images to play games," and claimed that "[m]ost publishers allow individual title usage provided that the user is in possession of the original title." Yeah... pretty sure Nintendo doesn't like that idea.

So now Nintendo's got its claws out for Nokia. Pretty bold of you to push emulators now that N-Gage is no longer with us, Nokia, but really, you must have seen this coming. [Edge Online via Nintendo Life, Thanks Nintenboy01.]

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Who actually uses Nintendo products anymore? The last time i played on a wii, was like 3 months ago.