Nokia L'Amour Line Hits the Spot

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I know you're probably all fashioned out with the L'Amour line Nokia introduced last week Nokia For Girls (Or Very Fashionable Men) but here's some hands on advice on the new phones as well. First of all, you'll be happy to know that they have more going for them than their pretty faces. Even with all the extra crap (mirrored surfaces, fake leather, fur-lined cases) you're really getting a good, solid mobile phone that happens to look pretty. I happen to like the keyless dialing of the 7380, though you have to get used to it for sure and many others just aren't ready to accept it. But it is true that the display isn't very big, though the camera is pretty kickass at 2.0 megapixels. The 7370 is small and nice to the touch and the swivel 7270 is extremely easy to open and close. So though they may seem garish, all three of these phones pretty much hit a homer in terms of being what they should be—a damn good cellphone.


Hands-on with Nokia's L'Amour handsets

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