Nokia Leak Suggests There's a Windows Phone 7.x Between 7.8 and 8

Illustration for article titled Nokia Leak Suggests Theres a Windows Phone 7.x Between 7.8 and 8

We've been expecting Windows Phone 7 to halt dead at 7.8, leaving users with older handsets in the lurch. But now a leak from Nokia suggests there's life in the old OS yet.


A leaked slide, which has popped up on WParea (in German) hints at the existence of WinPho 7.x, presumably a further update to launch some time in the future. Clearly details are still scant, but it suggests that Microsoft isn't abandoning users of the older OS. Perhaps those older Lumia's will be supported for a good ol' while yet. [WParea via Engadget]

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I thought that MS and Nokia made it abundantly clear that WP 7.8 will be supported for at least 18 months following the release. Where does the surprise part come in?