Nokia N-Gage Cellphone Gaming Platform in Beta...Looks OK-ish?

The prerelease of the N-Gage gaming app for Nokia cellphones is being trialled to N81 owners right now, and AllAboutSymbian has a hands on of the system, which has Xbox like Friends lists, over the air game demos, gamer points, and chat. The beta comes with three demos: Space Impact: Kappa Base, Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep, and System Rush: Evolution. The screenshots tell the tale best.


N-Gage was a bit of a joke as a hardware platform, their booth at E3 always embarrassingly vacant. But the N-Gage platform on every mid-to-high end Nokia phone sounds like a better proposition than having to deal with side talking on a taco handset. If you've got an S60 phone, Symbian Guru says you can just unofficially download the app and give it a whirl. There's a lot more over at [AllAboutSymbian and Symbian Guru]


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