Nokia N810 Tablet Priced With WiMAX

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Spotted at with an MSRP of $479. Still not sure how this thing is going to work on WiMAX when no one has WiMAX and also, not many people use these tablets. [ CellularNews]

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So, I'm a little confused here. On the one hand I see articles claiming that Clearwire is actually using wimax (as opposed to draft-wimax or pre-wimax) on the same frequency as xohm and that there is already a roaming agreement between the Sprint and Clearwire. And Clearwire definitely seems to offer some coverage in major urban areas, as well as having a "bring your own wimax card" option. So am I missing something? Why is everyone saying there aren't any wimax providers?

PS: I kind of assumed "Xohm" was pronounced "zome" so that it rhymed with "home."

PPS: I and at least couple hundred thousand other people out there are using Nokia tablets. I know that's just a drop in the bucket compared to iPhone sales, but it is something...