Nokia N9 Video Shows a Slide-Out Keyboard (Yes!) and Symbian OS (Oh dear)

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For some unknown, irritating reason, slide-out QWERTY keyboards just don't seem to be in vogue anymore. Now, if only this leaked Nokia N9 was running Android, I might consider it, but MeeGo? Symbian? I dunno...

We already know that Nokia is ditching Symbian for its high-end range of phones, the N-series, in favor of MeeGo. As you'll see in the video below however, this phone is running Symbian. It could be because it's obviously an early working prototype (as evidenced by "prototype" and "not for sale" emblazoned on it, plus the fact that it's obviously been "acquired" in a factory or off the back of a truck, or maybe it's not going to be an N-series phone. Judging by the hardware, I'm thinking it's an N-series, which just hasn't had the MeeGo platform added yet.

If it is indeed a successor to the N8, then we know it'll have at least a 12MP camera with 720p video recording, and a capacitive touchscreen. The video shows a mini HDMI port, and yes, that lustworthy keyboard. It's been so long since I've seen a slide-out keyboard...I don't think I can control these strange water drops falling from my eyes... [Negri Electronics via BGR]


UPDATE: Not sure how I missed it in the video, but the phone has 8MP printed on it, so forgive my speculation that it could have a 12MP sensor. It's still possible, of course, due to the phone's early build-nature.

Nokia N9 from Negri Electronics on Vimeo.


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