Nokia N90 Review (Verdict: It's Hawt)

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As if we weren't coveting this already. InfoSync World got their hands on the crazy-awesome swivel-camphone, the Nokia N90, and summarily said to it: We love you, and want to have your babies. Sure it's a bulky phone at 173 grams and 112 x 51 24 mm, but it has a good reason for that — the lovely 2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics. Yeah, so the external display isn't too hot with only about 65k color depth, but it does its job by showing the signal strength, battery life, caller ID, and incoming text messages. But the internal display makes up for it, with 2.1" screen, 352 x 416 resolution, 262k color, and adjustable brightness. And let's not forget the crazy swivel action that makes this look like a camcorder. The camera also comes packed with auto white balance and adjustable exposure, which is pretty good for a cameraphone.

One more caveat: the N90's power input is not compatible with standard Nokia chargers. But a conversion dongle is included, so that's solved too. Add this all up with solid Series 60 software, and the N90 sounds like one of the better all-in-one cellphones out there. Still no idea how much this thing will cost stateside, but it's currently going for about 725 Euros.


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