Nokia N97 Waterproof Experiment Tests Hypothesis That Nobody Ever Had

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You know those videos where someone puts a rugged gadget through a battery of tests that would destroy regular hardware, but the device comes through the other side unharmed? This is not one of those videos.

N97Geeks ran their unit through a harsh regime of durability tests, starting with a key'n'coin scratch test, followed by a cereal dunking and water submersion tests. As you can see in the video of the latter test above, the N97 doesn't take too well to water, sort of like any other smartphone.


To its credit, at no point did the N97 seem particularly fragile, I guess. From the looks of it, these guys are looking to finish off their already-crippled $700 phone by testing other edgy theories (Will it break when you smash it? Will it melt when you melt it?, and they're taking suggestions. Have at it. [N97Geeks—Thanks, Paul!]