Nokia Points to Users' Fatness To Explain Lack of Interest in Video Calling

Illustration for article titled Nokia Points to Users Fatness To Explain Lack of Interest in Video Calling

Katherine over at Tech Digest caught this very interesting quote by a Nokia VP over at the S60 Summit today, explaining why their users aren't quite as interested in video calling as Nokia's sales department would hope. Here's the reason: the angle you're forced to hold the phone at when you're making video calls "isn't very flattering," leading us to believe that it's the work of old double-chin fatness that's deterring the acceptance of more video phones. If only Nokia would make phones that shoot a foot above your face into the well known MySpace position, capturing your visage from above, then we're sure these phones would sell like hotcakes. Extremely vain hotcakes. [Tech Digest]


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think about every sci-fi you've ever seen. now think about how many of them include video calling of some sort (even futurama!)... but now think about the percentage of video conversations in those sci-fi programs where the "video" aspect of the communication is ever actually used for anything but a setting-device designed to make it clear to the viewer that it is *the Future* or just to help set the mood (think star trek: if the other ship was poorly lit, bad guys... but without video we would never have known! hehe)

seems to me that there is simply almost no good use for video calling. especially with a tiny little image. even an image a few inches across (think iphone) isn't big enough. what on earth would people use it for that would make it worth the pain in the ass AND not already be covered through picture messaging and such? i can think of a couple thing but not many.