Nokia Rolls Out N85 and N79 Smartphones

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We've had eyes on both of these for a while, but Nokia today has dropped a couple new N-Series phones into the official UK chute, and they are expected to follow stateside soon. The N85 slider (left) appears to be replacing the N81, and the N79 candybar does the same for the N78 (even though it only dropped in the US a few months ago). Gaming and music seems to be the focus of the N85, which adds N-Gage support and ditches the built-in storage in favor of an 8GB micro SD card. An AMOLED screen reduces power consumption for up to 28 hours of music playback. The N79 bumps the N78's camera up to 5MP and adds an LED flash and swappable faceplates. All feature Wi-Fi, GPS and 3G across the board, but the rumored US 3G support we're still waiting to hear for sure on. [Pocket Lint via Electronista]




Joan Rivers have swappable faceplates too. Just sayin'.