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Nokia's Leaked Future Tablet Screenshot Large Smartphone

Illustration for article titled Nokias Leaked Future Tablet Screenshot Large Smartphone

Mobile Crunch just posted this Maemo Harmattan Nokia Tablet screenshot, which consists of a vertical page worth of widgets that are embedded deeply inside the OS.


From the screen, Mobile Crunch says only the blue-shaded section is visible at once. Not a whole lot more detail in the post, but it is an interesting widget-based ad-supported system subsidized by carriers. [Mobile Crunch]

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Zisko is shooting for a star

I never saw a need for PDA- type gadgets. If i have something to make calls, text, and watch porn with, I'm set.

well, i mean that i prefer them all in one gadget, because i would rather not carry around a huge PDA, and a cellphone at the same time. i need a phone that does them all. i need a phone with an intuitive ui, a strong user base, easy to use, with gps, full web browsing, a camera, and an app store full of games and useful apps. does anyone know if this exists?