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It took 10 years and a $40 million budget to make, but the Air Force has unveiled a new weapon it calls the Active Denial System. It's a nonlethal weapon that has been certified for use in Iraq as a means of crowd control. The ADS shoots a beam of high intensity millimeter waves, which in plain English means if you get in the beam's way, it'll feel like you're being dipped in lava. In fact, the pain is so intense, that the longest any human test subject could withstand the beam was 5 seconds, and a very small number of them walked away with redness and blisters from the beam's intense heat. (I'm sure they'll also develop tails and super powers from the beam's side effects as well). So we're looking at a gun that makes tasers look like water pistols. I think I'd rather be shot for reals.

Say Hello to the Goodbye Weapon [via Wired News]


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