If you've not received it yet, don't worry—it's speeding its way through the air, available as an update over Wi-Fi, with delicious promises of apps, games and a web browser amongst other little gifts.

Wi-Fi is improved along with the new features, so you'll be able to surf the net on hotspots that require a log-in via the web browser—which is also new. It beggars belief as to why Nook owners would still walk into Barnes & Noble store, but if you connect to their hotspot you'll be able to read an ebook for free, for an hour—with newspapers and mags coming along later for 20 minutes' use each day. Could be a nice activity while slurping down a coffee in their in-store cafe.


An updated design for the home screen arranges apps nicely by the sounds of it, and speed—which has always been an issue with the Nook—is improved, with faster page turns and a general zippiness all 'round.

Connect the Nook to your computer to push through the update manually, or if you'd prefer downloading it over Wi-Fi, it should arrive sometime in the next few days. [Nook via Electronista]

Image Credit: Nick Palmarozzo