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In Norway, all library books must be digitized -- by law

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A law in Norway has their National Library scanning all literature and then making it publicly available to anyone to anyone coming in under a Norwegian IP address. Pretty cool, if you're in Norway now or in the near-ish future. But it's also pretty awesome for the much more distant future.

Why? The Atlantic explains:

Imagine digital archaeologists coming across the remains of early 21st century civilization in an old data center on the warming tundra. They look around, find some scraps of Buzzfeed and The Atlantic, maybe some Encyclopaedia Britannicas, and then, gleaming in the data: a complete set of Norwegian literature.


The project has been going on since 2006 and they expect to be caught up in the next 20 years with a complete record of all literature that's been published in Norway.

So, what would be first on your list to digitize, both for current public usage and for posterity? And how does that compare to what is currently being digitized in your own locale right now? And folks out in Norway, tell us how its going so far — are you using your digital library yet?


Image: International Dunhuang Project.