Notes: Meeting My Crazy Spanish and British Writers


It's been a happy day in the way that I finally met Jesús and Addy (of Gizmodo) and there was none of that meeting you for the first time but not-on-the-internet weirdness you usually get. I landed in Madrid last night and Jesús had all his coolant drop out of his sports car like its water broke, so we ended up towing the thing and taking a cab out of there. The airport was the most beautiful I've ever seen up close, made of concrete, orange pillars, curvy wooden ceilings and lots of glass.

The food has been incredible, even if I don't know what we've been ordering. I love the style of the city, which has a lot of old world materials and signage, but plenty of modern designs too. Jesús and Addy live on the ground floor a few blocks from some big park, and although they're in the middle of what looks like a mixed work/live district, they somehow have a backyard.

Before tucking in for the night, I put my hand under a pillow and found a spare lego block. Regular readers of the site shouldn't be surprised. (Falcon bits.)

Today we went to their favorite tapas place for lunch, where you apparently stand up and eat and throw your trash on the floor. Just like home! On the way over, I noticed this TV tower that reminded me of Jesús's art style, a bit retro, colorful and lively.


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