How many of you have second phones? When I'm in Tahoe, I generally carry a Nokia N95 which has buttons I can press through gloves, a good camera and video recorder, and solid battery life. This weekend, I think I'm going to use the 4GB iPhone I've kept 100% legit with the most recent firmware. I have to say, the jailbroken iPhone loaded with apps is a lot less stable than the virgin iPhone.

I'm going to Spain next week for 3GSM or mobile world congress or whatever its called. It's my first, and I hope to see a number of things, like Nokia's Touch UI and a fleet of android powered phones, but you never know. A few schools, including UC Berkeley, are running classes around programming for Android. Can't say the same about the iPhone, not until that SDK and its rules are spelled out in February. It'll also be the first time I meet Jesús and Addy, which should be pretty awkward for a few minutes and then pretty cool. What's weather like in Madrid and Barcelona this time of year? I guess I have to not bring an iPhone abroad, or risk those gnarly roaming charges I always make fun of people for. Anyone going?


Today, Jesús Diaz brought up an interesting idea when it comes to using digg badges on stories. Whenever we're not doing original reporting off of big stories, we should maybe help out the source we're linking to by inserting their digg badge into our page. Might be a good way to spread the link love, especially when it feels like fewer people are clicking through to the source page.

Saw that old hamburger phone circulating the blogs last week, and finally figured out why when I saw that Juno movie. I actually was supposed to see Rambo, but upon going to my local theater it had been taken over by Sundance. The guy behind the counter looks pretty annoyed when I asked if they had Rambo, and Lisa quickly pulled alongside and ordered up two tickets to Juno before I could wiggle out of the situation. I really liked it.


Off to Tahoe, have a good weekend.

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