Novague 'Move Your Energy' Rocking Chair Powers Its Own Bright Idea

Illustration for article titled Novague Move Your Energy Rocking Chair Powers Its Own Bright Idea

At first glance, the Novague concept is a slick update to the timeless rocking chair. But housed in the base is a kinetic motor that powers an LED light using the chair's natural rocking motion.

Sure, this one doesn't have a pair of nuts, but it'd be self-sustainable if it ever leaped from the drawing board.


Note: Realistically, this chair would be more work than it's worth, given the amount of rocking one would have to do to keep that LED lit long enough to read a pamphlet, let alone something a bit more meaty. Like something on a Kindle 2, for example, because it doesn't have a backlight. [Dezeen]

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Its sybian potential cannot be ignored.