Novatel Merlin S720: First Super Speedy Sprint EVDO Revision A. Card

See that? That's the data equivalent of a Playboy centerfold. Soak it up, nerds. Last week we reported that the first EVDO revision A card from Sprint was leaking into the marketplace. Today, the veil has been lifted, and this fast lady's been made official. If you haven't been keeping up, both Verizon and Sprint are upgrading their high speed cellular data networks near the end of this year. Speeds are going to be in the 450 -850 kbps range, which we likey. This card does regular old EVDO, too, so if you buy now, you won't be put out in the cold later. It's a regular old Type II PCMCIA card, which means no love for the new Macbook Pros. And it has one of those little flip antennas that make us feel like we're tuning in Tokyo. The press release also makes mention of compatibility with Linksys Wireless G Router for Mobile Broadband. Anyhow, the card'll be priced at $250, or $99 with a 2-year contract. (Service is $60 for unlimited data with the 2-year contract.)


Novatel Merlin S720 [Sprint, Thanks Brian, Amy, and David]

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