Now That Samsung Is Making Lightbulbs, Maybe They'll Be Cheaper

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Samsung is getting into the LED lightbulb game. And they may have the manufacturing clout to drive the price of the bulbs down because they're making all the parts in house.


As the phase-out of power-hungry incandescent lighting begins to take effect in 2012, other technologies, like the more costly LED and CFLs will have to replace them. Starting next year 100-watt LED light bulbs will flood the market with a price tag as high as $50 per bulb. Lower wattage bulbs will replace incandescent bulbs in the next few years with the same sticker shock for everyone, but costs will drop more quickly as big companies with LED expertise start making and selling them. [Samsung]

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I'd pay a lot more for LED or CFL bulbs over incandescent if two basic criteria were met:

1. They actually last as long as claimed. In reality, the supporting electronics in the bulbs are typically cheaply-made and fail before the bulbs do.

2. They work properly with dimmer switches. My 10 year old house has a dimmer on almost every interior fixture. As it is now, most CFL bulbs are not compatible with dimmers, and those that claim to be don't actually work very well. Incandescents are my only option unless I want to lose the dimmers.

If Samsung makes this happen, I'll change very bulb in my house.