Now You Can Charge Your Magic Trackpad With USB

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Apple accessories purveyor Mobee thinks it has the solution for needing to swap out the batteries on your Magic Trackpad every so often. The Power Bar will do the trick—if you remember to charge it.

Mobee claims that the USB-rechargeable battery pack will give you 10 days of usage for a six hour charge. Sounds like a pretty good idea to us: Your Magic Trackpad is always by your computer so why not use your computer's power to fuel it up every now and then? Beats having a rechargeable battery charger on your desk—or worse—a drawer full of disposable AAs. The Power Bar will be available in March for $30. [Mobee via The Verge]

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The thing that pisses me off about this design is how much it juts out from the left hand side of the Trackpad. If I was to get this then I'd have to ditch the special tray I bought for my Wireless Trackpad and Keyboard, and what of the other connector solutions? Wave goodbye to them as well. I realize it has to jut out due to the fact that you ned to have a way to remove it, and you certainly don't want to twist a USB port around, but that just seems like crappy design. Good Idea, disappointing execution.