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NPR, the experts on all things tech...decided to check out whether one could clean off a disgusting bacteria-laden keyboard simply by placing it in the dishwasher for a normal cycle. So they did just that, tossed a keyboard in cord and all and then pushed the start button.


The result? Success.

They removed the keyboard right before the drying cycle began, and it came out in a pristine state of cleanliness. But we all expected that, the question is does it still work? In this case it did, every key continued to work just like it did the day they bought it.


So what does this tell us? Common sense says keep your electronics out of the water, moron. It's NPR. Do you really trust their exploration into gadget cleanliness? But if you are truly filthy and have unsuccessfully tried everything else to get your keyboard to shed its grime, then we say give it a go. Worst case it breaks and you go by a new one, preferably waterproof. Either way you don't have a dirty keyboard anymore that scares your friends away.

Now we ask you the reader, what is your fail-safe tactic for cleaning your keyboard? Rubbing alcohol? Moist towelettes? Cotton swabs? Canned air? Do tell, because the keyboards here at Gizmodo HQ are getting pretty raunchy.

Are Computer Keyboards Dishwasher Safe? [NPR via Digg]

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