NPR Reporter Has Twitter Followers Debunk Libyan-Israeli Missile Rumors

Illustration for article titled NPR Reporter Has Twitter Followers Debunk Libyan-Israeli Missile Rumors

Some reports stating that Muammar Ghaddafi was using missiles made in Israel against his people turned out to be very wrong, thanks to some crowdsourcing done by NPR reporter Andy Carvin.


Carvin saw an image via Libyan news service Al Manara's Facebook showing a shell with what looked like a Star of David on it, and had his Twitter followers piece the story of its manufacture together. It turns out the missile is of British origin, showing no link between Israel and Ghaddafi's supporters. Nice work. [Storify via BoingBoing]

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Ariel Sergio Wollinger Martins

Sometimes war news reporters are so dumb that they amaze me. A very famous newspaper from Brazil called Folha de São Paulo posted a story comparing the rebel forces with Ghaddafi's soldiers. In the comparison pictures you see soldiers with AK47's with the only difference being that the rebels used Jungle Style clips, where tape is used to attach two clips together , to speed up reloading and Ghaddafi's soldiers did use it. The caption explained that the rebels had old and damaged equipment, poorly fixed with duct tape... Yeah, so much for war correspondents...

P.S. this was in march 6th or 7th.