Here's a way to listen to your iTunes library on cellphones other than the iPhone: NuTsie, a beta application that just launched today, holds a huge library of music, and any songs you have in your iTunes library can be listened to on your cellphone. Notice that name, NuTsie? Cute. It's an anagram of iTunes. It's a great workaround. What's the catch?

Laptop Magazine reviewed the application, testing it with a few different cellphones. So far, it's compatible with just 15 different phones. The reviewer noticed it's easy to download and sign up for the service. While there are plenty of songs in the service's library, it doesn't have everything, so you still won't be able to listen to your entire iTunes collection.


It's not a free-for all, either. You pick the tunes you want to listen to, and then it streams each song to you, but when it plays them back it shuffles them around, rather than letting you hear each song on demand. That's how they get around the legalities here—it's similar to Pandora, where it's more like a streaming radio station than an iPod with all your tunes on it.

That said, the reviewer thought the music "sounded great," and when listening over a wired headset pronounced it as good as listening to it over any other MP3 player. The main drawback was the way the service stopped as soon as the clamshell RAZR was closed, which they called a "dealbreaking drawback." The music didn't stop when closing the Nokia N76, however.

This NuTsie service is worth a try—it's free for now, but remember that if you don't have an unlimited data plan on your cellphone, you'll be paying for each of these downloads. Note that the company's website isn't working too well with Firefox, but seems to work fine with Internet Explorer.


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