It wasn't too long ago we showed you some images of what appeared to be a GeForce 8800 graphics card in the wild, and now the folks at Daily Tech have one upped that preview with a full hands-on review of their own. The card, which takes up two expansion slots and requires two PCI Express power connectors, easily trounces ATI's top dog, the Radeon X1950 XTX in all of Daily Tech's gaming benchmarks. (Daily Tech's card was packing 768MB of GDDR3 memory clocked at 900MHz). Interestingly enough, the card has two SLI bridge connectors which would allow you to set up a three-card system. As for power, both Nvidia and Daily Tech recommend a 450-watt power supply. The card, which we personally can't wait to get a hold of, is expected to make its debut next week.


Nvidia G80 Performance Explored [via Daily Tech]