Illustration for article titled NY Times Pogue-O-Matic Guides Your Gadget Shopping, Sets My Heart Aflutter

Maybe it's because I have the hugest crush on David Pogue of the New York Times, but I find his recently released product finder guide, the Pogue-O-matic, absolutely adorable... and useful too! The Pogue-O-Matic is divided into four parts: cameras, camcorders, smartphones and televisions. If you were planning on getting people any of the above for the holidays, stop by and have little e-Pogue explain what details you should look out for. Being a gadget blogger with a finger on the pulse of the latest and greatest, I personally don't need the advice. But I'll be stopping by anyway... for you, Pogue. Just. For. You. [Pogue-o-Matic on the New York Times]


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