Illustration for article titled Nyko Redesigns Kama Nunchuk, Nintendo Lawsuit Settled

Today, Nintendo announced that they'd settled a lawsuit with Nyko over the wireless Kama controller. Along with what we're guessing was a sizable check, Nyko agreed to redesign their controller. Here's how they placated Nintendo:


From a Nyko spokesperson:

• Wider shape to fit hands comfortably
• Curved Z button to reduce finger slippage ("Kama side" image shows this)
• Grooves for a better grip
• Rubber battery cover
• New color scheme of C/Z buttons and analog stick

In other words, Nyko made their Kama more visually distinguished (in both textures and colors) from Nintendo's Nunchuk, though none of the controller's fundamental functionality was altered. Under this rubric, I'm pretty sure that we could release our own Wii pending it was covered in variegated, non-slip material.

The new controller has already been distributed to retailers, but we're guessing that you can still pick up the old version at a few spots if you move quickly. [BusinessWire]


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