Nyko Wireless Nunchuk, Wiimote 2.0

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Nyko's gone and done what many of us expected from the Wiimote in the first place—they've created a wireless Wii Nunchuk. You know, because despite all the motion freedom Wii may promise, gamers are still tethered between controllers like dogs on a leash. Here's the lowdown:

Nyko simply replaced the nunchuk altogether—which isn't a bad idea since Wiimotes come bundled separately anyway. This new, wireless nunchuck interfaces with the Wiimote through an adapter snapped in the Wiimote's port, which makes way for 2.4GHz communication.


But we're with Kotaku on this one. We can almost never play the Wii as it is without replacing bundles of batteries and the last thing we need is another to worry about...only because we've never encountered a game that was hindered by wire tethering. But if Nyko ends up sticking a rechargeable battery in there, we'll talk.

No price or release info yet, but we'll get our paws on it at CES along with more details then. [ign via kotaku]



This is completely unnecessary. Games are designed so you can hold the Wiimote and nunchuk on either hand. Nyko; makes great products? Give me a break; Nyko makes cheap ass products that burn your 360 up in an attempt to cool it or battery li-packs that lasts weeks. I still don't know how they are in business still. Only an exteremely dumb person would spend money on this item.