NYPD Sharp Shooters May Get Cameras on their Guns

Officers of the NYPD may be forced to carry cameras on their guns, if a Brooklyn senator gets his way. Following a spate of controversial shootings, democrat Eric Adams—a former cop himself—has proposed the addition of a $700 gadget, insisting that it will improve public confidence in the police force. Before being adopted, however, the city's SWAT teams will take part in a pilot scheme. More details of the idea, which has already been mooted in DC, below.


As soon as the officer draws his weapon, a red laser light on the five-ounce attachment shoots out, although this can be disabled if the cop feels it might put him in danger, for example, if he or she is in a dimly-lit situation. The camera can continue filming whatever is in the gun's path for up to an hour after being drawn.

Senator Adams, who never once used a gun during his 21 years on the beat, reckons the idea could bolster public confidence in the police. "We believe the state of New York can lead the country," he said. "There no longer can be a question mark that lingers after shootings." There is, as I see it, however, one tiny flaw. If the camera can be turned off by the guy on the right end of the gun—ie, the cop— doesn't that make the system open to potential abuse? [Telegraph]


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