NYTimes Confirms Google Phone

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The NYTimes has a boilerplate article about Microsoft, Yahoo! and Google going after the cellphone. This line is interesting, though:

Google has gone so far as to build a prototype phone with its own software inside, according to one person who has seen it.


Question: How do you think the fact checkers worked through that one?

Big Money in Little Screens [NY Times, thanks Mac P.]

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Egads. Try reading the NYT before posting something based on a distillation of an article. The google phone isn't a way to talk to friends for a hundred bucks a month, at this pre-mock-up stage, it's an "appliance."

This, I'm pretty sure, is the passage in question (From John Markoff — and trust me, if anyone has an inkling what tech companies are doing, it's him):

"One possible example is what has been described by a Google employee as a favorite idea of Larry Page, a co-founder: a Google ''phone'' — a branded consumer appliance that would make it possible to get Google search results and ads almost anywhere. Such a product would extend the company's search service far beyond the desktop computing market. The idea, like much of what the company is planning, is still secret."

Here's the full article.