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Obama '08 iPhone App Is Grassroots Gadgety Perfection

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Obama '08 iPhone app is, almost surprisingly, not a cheap sticker masquerading as an application. No, it's actually a glimpse of the potential of grassroots politics and gadgets, distilled in a slick, blue-stained little app that couldn't possibly have come out of the McCain campaign (no offense guys). It leverages pretty much every aspect of the iPhone.


It sorts your contacts by battleground states and turns them into a checklist, making it easy, and almost obligating, to harass your loved ones to vote O. (Worth noting for tinfoil types: It does keep track of how many people you call, but it's totally anonymous.) It finds local events and Obama news using GPS, constantly updated. And it delivers more video highlights and newsreels than you'll be able to stand (though videos were kinda crashy for me). There is some hucksterism, yes, like a dedicated button to call and make a donation—it makes it easier than ever, which is part of the power here. Also it's a campaign app, what do you expect? This is something like what politicking at the grassroots level will look like by the next election—local and immediate, but definitely national in scope. It makes you feel like a part of the campaign. Download it if you're an Obamaniac to have a constant flood of hope in your pocket, or if you're a McCainite, to see what your candidate's campaign should be doing. It's free, so the only excuse is your gag reflex. [iTunes via Launch Pad]