Obama: Dammit, I'm Not Allowed an iPhone For "Security Reasons"

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Poor old Barack Obama. Not only is his pet project HealthCare.gov struggling to gain traction, he has other tech woes, too: he isn't allowed an iPhone for "security reasons."


During a meeting with youths on Wednesday, Obama admitted that he's not allowed to use an iPhone, reports Reuters, despite the fact he uses an iPad some of the time. "I'm not allowed for security reasons to have an iPhone," he explained during a speech at the White House.

It's perhaps a slither of good news for BlackBerry, which still supplies his phone. Indeed, back in 2009 Obama fought hard to keep his BlackBerry, though at the time it transpired he only actually communicated with 10 people using his personal email address. All in, mobile communication clearly sucks if you're the president. [Reuters]

Image by Whitehouse/Pete Souza


Benny Gesserit

Sounds like the security department where I work outsourced themselves. The head is this 60+ luddite who only understands enough about tech to be frightened of it. ALL workstations are locked down - no installing s/w, no USB access. Dropbox, Drive, Box etc are not only blocked, you're redirected to a message stating the access has been logged and HR usually calls within 15min to "come have a chat about security." MEH. His attitude is "blackberry is best because they have something called "secure server" and that apple/andoid business is too damn popular. Look, they don't even say 'secure' until the 3rd page of the brochure."