Obamaville: Rick Santorum's insane dystopian vision of the year 2014

Apparently taking a page from the dystopian fiction craze, Rick Santorum's latest campaign ad transports us to the year 2014, where the world looks less like present-day America and more like a hallucinatory version of The Hunger Games. It's also just plain crazy pants.


This video was uploaded yesterday by the Santorum team, and is obviously designed to look like a horror movie trailer (or perhaps a fever dream) rather than your typical campaign ad. There's just so much to pick out here: the way the buildings have all begun to crumble in just two years, the little girl pulled from the Great Depression (Maybe she's supposed to be a ghost?), the not-so-subtle cuts between Obama and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. But what's up with the baby in the crib and the clone army of black suits? I think we need a screencap recap of this puppy.

But really, Mr. Santorum, what do you think the trailer for Santorum Nation would look like? Because I was thinking something along the lines of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale.

[via Paleofuture via Metafilter]



This is one of those works that comes across as a harsh parody of the very perspective that spawned it. I can just imagine this on The Daily Show or something like it — "hey, what if Santorum tried to make a scary video to show how terrible the re-election of Obama would be for America? Our comedy writing staff came up with this silly and over-the-top idea of what such a video would look like..."