Octopus Studios' Silverfish Aquarium Is 1980s' Future Fish Tank Now

The Octopus Studios' Silverfish Aquarium (see BBGadgets for bookworm joke that, I'll be honest, took me a second) is one of those things you wish you had right up until the day you get it, then you spend a couple of years wondering what you were thinking. Sure, its six orbs of sturdy clear PMMA plastic are future funky in a retro-1980s Schwartzenegger-movie kind of way, and the advertised "easy installation" of this $3,400 complete-kit aqua-sculpture is certainly believable. But the minute green filth starts to build up in the linking tunnels, or one of your gouramis goes belly up in a lower-quadrant globe, well, that's it for fun with fish. [Octopus via BBGadgets]


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